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Why Choose Us

Give us a quick call at 914-888-1304 today, sit back and relax! When you are looking for the best rug cleaning in Westchester, the company you choose is very important. The sad truth is that many rug cleaning companies in the city don’t take enough care of your rugs. They use old, broken down industrial washing machines. They use harsh chemicals that damage the fabric. Be very careful who you choose to wash your precious rugs and carpets.

Here at Persian Rug Cleaning Westchester, we are transparent. Our washing process is modern and safe for your rugs. How safe? Well, considering the fact that our experts wash each rug by hand, we would say that it is 100% safe. You can rely on us to bring you back a rug that is both spotless and in excellent condition.

Rug Cleaning Services That Exceed Your Expectations

We love to see a smile on the face of every one of our customers when we return the rug. Just take a look at the stellar reviews we have received over the years to get a glimpse of how we like to do things here at Persian Rug Cleaning Westchester. If you live or operate in Westchester, choose us and get all the following benefits:

• Get a FREE Estimate

• You can make appointments during holidays

• We are a locally owned and operated company

• You can make appointments during the weekend

• Scheduling an appointment is quick and simple

• Your satisfaction is our guarantee

• Our experts are insured, licensed and bonded

• All our prices are affordable

FREE Pickup and FREE Delivery

Persian Rug Cleaning Westchester offers something not many other companies are able to offer. If you choose us to clean your rug or carpet in Westchester, we will come to you. Yes, you really don’t have to leave the comfort of your home or office. You don’t have to waste your time and bring the rugs and carpets to us. We will pick them up from your location, wash them and then return them to you. And best of all, our pickup and delivery services are FREE.

We Clean Any Rug of Any Size

Our professionals have extensive experience. They have cleaned, repaired and restored any type of rug you can imagine. Their skills and attention to detail makes them your perfect choice if you need to clean any of the following rugs:

• Persian rugs

• Handmade rugs

• Wool rugs

• Area rugs

• Silk rugs

• Indian rugs

• Oriental rugs

• Moroccan rugs

• And many more

We Hand-wash ALL Rugs

We want to emphasize the fact that we manually wash every rug and carpet you give us. We would never use washing machines and harsh detergents just to save a bit of time. We know our competition uses this tactic, but we value our clients more than we value some extra money. We will work hard and hand-wash each item until it is spotless.

Call Today for the Best Rug Cleaning Services

For the most reliable rug cleaning in Westchester, you should contact Persian Rug Cleaning Westchester by dialing 914-888-1304. Our experts will collect and return the items for free.